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Paper Music began for me in 1978. In that year I was a BA Hons Fine Art student at Lanchester Polytechnic (later re-named Coventry University ) in the English Midlands, tutored by the sound sculptor and improvising musician, Max Eastley. Paper Music brought together my interests in alternative and experimental music, performance art and installation art, with a notion of the democratization of music and art, as realised by people such as the Fluxus group, the Scratch Orchestra, the Portsmouth Sinfonia and Outsider Art. A further strong influence was my passion for origami, which later became my living. At the time, someone commented that Paper Music brought together the wild man with the mild man. I think that was about right.

Despite an early flurry of successful short performances from 1978-82 and my strong interest, Paper Music was subsequently performed only rarely. In 1991 it received its one-and-only full, epic, 40 minute performance (bizarrely, to a Mothers and Toddlers Theatre Club!), though several short excerpts were performed at festivals of origami and it was also incorporated into a modern ballet.

Then, in late 2004, I was approached by Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria, to make a CD of Paper Music as part of a major exhibition called 'Masters of Origami', which would also feature my folded paper sculptures alongside the sculptures of a further 60 origami artists. H-7 is sponsored by Red Bull, and the music project was to be supervised by the Red Bull Music Academy. Musicians, producers and a recording studio were organized to record a 'Live Suite' and a sound library, from which several composers would later create Paper Music compositions.

To make a professional sound recording of Paper Music had been my dream from the very beginning and I was excited and somewhat overwhelmed to be given this opportunity some 26 years later. The music you hear on this web site comes mostly from these sessions.I welcome new Paper Music pieces to add to the web site.

Paul Jackson